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RetroBat is a software distribution project designed to automatically configure EmulationStation’s frontend interface with the well-known multi-emulator RetroArch and with many others standalone emulators.

With it you will be able to quickly run games from many compatible ROM collections. This saves hours of configuration and installation time, leaving you free to play your favourite retro games.

RetroBat automatically downloads and installs all the relevant software needed to have the best retro gaming experience on your Windows PC.

RetroBat is made with "portability" in mind. This means you can play games from an external hard drive or from any removable storage device, as long as the used computer meets the minimum requirements.

*️⃣Important notice

RetroBat doesn't provide any unauthorized commercial or copyrighted games. It is packed only with few free homebrew games. You need to add yourself the games and roms you own in the dedicated directories. You can use the built-in Content downloader to download demo and homebrew games directly from the interface.

If you need help, please to not use the comments section below but instead our Discord Server or Forum. Thank you.

🦇 Features

  • EmulationStation Frontend in a special version with a lot of options. A light, fast and customizable interface, XML themes creation with animations capabilities.
  • Scrape Medias (box art, marquee, artwork, manual, etc) to pimp your game collection.
  • 150+ Systems already configured. You just need to add your own games. RetroBat doesn't bring unauthorized content of copyrighted software.
  • Create Themed Collections. Sort your game by genre or by everything you want.
  • Content Downloader. Download emulators, themes, homebrews, demos, bezels, directly from the interface.
  • Deep Integration. No need to get lost in a multitude of software. All major emulators options are directly integrated within the main interface. You can choose options globally, per systems or per games.
  • Integrated Updater. Receive notifications when a new version of an emulator is available. The developpers of RetroBat spend hours to test emulators to give you the best stable experience. You will also receive a notification when a new version of RetroBat is released.

Learn more on how to use RetroBat on the Wiki

💻 Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1
GPUModern graphics card that supports Direct3D 11.1 / OpenGL 4.4 / Vulkan
ControllersXinput controllers hightly recommended.
Test your controller HERE

💬 Social & Support

RetroBat Official Website
You need help ? You found a bug ? Please visit RetroBat Forum
Join us on Discord


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

RetroBat-v6.1.0-stable-win64-setup.exe 1,020 MB
RetroBat-v6.0.0-stable-win64-setup.exe 1,009 MB
retrobat-v5.3.0-stable-win64-setup.exe 804 MB
retrobat-v5.2.0-stable-win64-setup.exe 736 MB
retrobat-v5.1.1-stable-full-win64-setup.exe 1 GB
Version 1
User Manual (English) 6 MB
Manuel d'instruction (Français) 6 MB

Development log


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Gracias por aceptarme con ustedes

Me aparece el emulador se cerro inesperadamente, en todos los play station, cual es la solución del error?

(1 edit)

Hola, al ejecutar el emulador de PS2 no se ejecuta en primer plano, se queda el logo de emulation station, y el emulador PCSX2 ejecutandose en segundo plano.

Adjunto capturas, con otros sistemas no me ocurre.


It won't let me use BatGui, it detects it as a virus and there is no way. Please, wizards and computer masters, I need your help. I only speak Spanglish, sorry 😘

Can you add it (or the RetroBat folder) in whitelist, exclusion zone or something similar ?

What's the song used in the default intro?

there is different included :
2080 - Nerd To Geek -EP- - Extra Life
Le Brick - Demolition Theme - Dubstep Rework
Le Brick - Morning - Extended Mix
Sawsquarenoise - Boss Theme
Starbox - Digital Dream - Azureflux Remix

Sorry, I meant the splash screen "retrobat-space". I can't seem to find it on youtube or anything.

Should be this one

OHHHH gotcha, thanks

Is there a fix when the emulator pops out to a new window? currently issue with Dolphin

Hello : can you clarify what you mean by "pops out to a new window" ?

Hola al momento de la descarga de retrobat cuando está a punto de terminar la descarga mesale un error que dice descarga prohibida y no me da la opción para volver a intentar descargar o despausar la descarga así que tengo que volver al sitio donde el volver a instalar me sucede lo mismo lo he intentado en android y en Windows pero en los dos me da el mismo error ( lo intente en android para que cuando descargue poder pasarlo a mí laptop por un usb)

Does this include metadata or will I need to scrape that separately?


Hi, RetroBat Setup doesn't include games metadata. You can use internal scraper such as ScreenScraper to scrape metadata for your games library.

Show post...


question, I've noticed the full release is a bit behind recent releases, can it just be updated upon install/download?


Yes, you can update, but you can do it directly from the Retrobat menu.

many thanks 👌

(1 edit) (-2)

I'd rather just use the retroarch app. Its way easier and understandable.  It also doesn't start up with a generic 2014 youtube intro with the application name in it. And its also easier to uninstall, rather than retrobat. Retrobat does not have a uninstall file so you can't uninstall it through the control center or manually find the uninstall file in the file location; because it's not there:/

Edit: it also takes up 2 gigs on ur hard drive, which either I missed, or they weren't very clear about.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi, it seems that RetroBat is not for what you need. You didn't need an uninstall program because you just have to delete your RetroBat folder to "uninstall" it. RetroBat is totally portable. RetroBat allow you to launch intro video, but you can set up which video you want, or completely disable it. It take more space than just retroarch because it provide more than only one emulator...



it takes 2 gigabyte because it includes retroarch, shaders, and additional emulators.

It is a portable application, so it does not need to be uninstalled, as it is not even "installed" in the first place !

respectfully disagree, with setting up retroarch on multiple platforms it's tedious and cumbersome the actual menus, the drag and drop nature of retrobat and I'll give a mention to retrodeck too is a godsend. More time playing games, less time configuring.


Would anyone help me develop or modify a modified version of RetroBat?


you're better contribute to the main project, would be better.

Hardware tester works perfectly.  All buttons and axis recognised, but Retrobat won't let me configure.  Need some help here please

Use the Discord or the forum of Retrobat, for Help.

Not creating another account somewhere else. Got bored of waiting for a reply, so deleted Retrobat.  Setup is clearly broken as my controller works in retroarch as well as stand alone emus.  Not worth the money, time and effort


xbox one controller working fine for me, try to disable Steam input that messes with controllers...

Hi there.  My retrobat installation recognises wired XBOX One Controller For Windows, but I can't config it?  Checked in windows and it works fine, all the buttons and controls are detected in settings.  Any advice please?



What do you mean by "not able to configure it" ?

It is recognized then it works ?

(1 edit)

Shortcuts PDF is confusing.

Can you tell me the shortcuts on ROG Ally.

  • I want to know the shortcuts for going to the Retrobat Menu from the game. I'm able to do this using the select and start buttons in EmuDeck, and I want to know how I can do this in RetroBat.

  • And also what about remapping the controls to say the keyboard keys or gamepad keys? Especially for DOS games. DOS games don't seem to be added to the library and I've no idea.

Edit: I don't know what to set the hotkey to since I don't have additional buttons on the ROG Ally. Also the RetroBat user manual has confusing hotkey pics. I don't have the back ish button on my ally and I have no idea what I'm supposed to press.

  • Or even remapping two buttons so that both buttons simulate one of the buttons. For example in Mario I could remap R1 or L1 to the Fireflower-fire so that running becomes easier than pressing X and A at the same time.

saquen una version  para linux 

(1 edit)

RetroBat is designed only for Windows, but you can try RetroBat with Wine, the Windows compatibility layer on Linux based operating systems.

gracias bro donde podria apoyarte en donar en tu proyecto 

ow Hi! what´is the difference between version of RETROBAT paid and free?


Just take a look here: 


Thank you for the amazing project.

What's the difference between "retrobat-v5.2.0-stable-win64-setup.exe" and "retrobat-v5.2.0-stable-full-win64-setup.exe"?


(1 edit)

Just take a look here: 

(2 edits) (+1)

Love it !!! 

Only 1 request

Please add DEEKAY pallete for c64, it's missing on settings in 5.2



is there a way to turn off the menu music and have it in windowed mode?



To turn off the music you need to launch RetroBat, display the main menu, and go to the sounds options.

You can run retrobat in windowed mode, just run the "batgui.exe" tool located in the same folder as Retrobat executable, and tick the option there to disable fullscreen.

Compré Retrobat versión 5.1.1 y la verdad esperaba más, los juegos no son de mi agrado

(3 edits)

Hi. RetroBat is a free project, you didn't buy it, you made a donation. The full setup program is a reward for those who donate to the project. The main purpose of RetroBat isn't to provide games, but being a retrogaming software distribution dedicated to emulation, so basically an already configured frontend with a advanced integration of the emulators options. You need to provide yourself the games. Please read carefully the description and the different posts before giving money.  If you think that it's a misunderstanding, you can ask for a refund.

I bought Retrobat, I downloaded version 5.1.1 but once installed the program does not work, gives me error on emulatiostation

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello, thank you for your donation. You didn’t bought RetroBat, you give a free price. Full 5.1.1 setup is kind of a reward for those how donate to the project. For issue, if you need support it could be better to go on our forum or on our Discord. First thing, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements and you followed the setup instructions. Make sure you have DirectX and the VC++ Redistributable installed.


Can you give details of the error ?

Wallah!! Psartek Retrobat c'est trop d'la balle !